Seeing With Confidence
At Mee Mee, we partner with the best lens manufacturers to deliver quality lenses to our customers. We believe that professional and expert eye care must be accompanied by lenses that are suited for your needs.

Nikon Lenses

SeeMax Power

Unlike any conventional progressive lenses, SeeMax Power aims to deliver the best optical performance for each wearer. SeeMax Power takes in each wearer’s personal parameters, such as far vision power, pupil distance, near vision working distance and lens shape data onto each and individual lenses for upmost wearing comfort.

Extra Large Vision
The new design incorporates an advanced aberration filter that eliminates distortions, and constraints on the entire lens surface. SeeMax Power provides 25 times more optical precision, enhancing visual sharpness and providing instantaneous adaptation.

A Complete Near to Far Solution
Thanks to uncompromised design concept and individual optimization calculation method, every SeeMax Power AP delivers very smooth far to near vision along with the minimum distortion and blurriness.

Presio Advance

Digital progressive lens, which offers sharper and wider vision in the far, immediate and near areas.

Sharper and wider vision
The combination of Nikon Advanced Digital Surfacing Technology and optimisation allows to design a lens with sharper and wider vision.

Presio Go Advance

The latest Digital Progressive Lens, which offers sharper, wider on both far, intermediate and near vision.

Sharper and wider vision
The combination of Nikon Advanced Digital Surfacing Technology and Optimization allows to design a lens with sharper and wider vision.

Thin & Flat
Available in a full range of material and in 2 progression lengths.


The usage of internet and mobile devices has been steadily increasing across all segments of population including presbyopics. From smartphones to tablets, and satellite navigation systems to computer screens, our intermediate vision is more solicited than ever. Until now, improving far and near vision has been the focus of progressive lens design. The demand for an improved visual experience at ‘digital distance’ has now to be taken into account.

Twice as wide as a conventional lens
An enhanced intermediate vision area for clearer view and easier access to your digital devices.

Essilor Lenses

Varilux X Series

The latest in Varilux technology, the X series lens provides extended arm’s length vision without compromising near and distance vision. Unlike traditional progressive lenses, where there is a single near distance, the X series lens allows wearers to see at multiple near distances. With the Varilux X series, wearers are no longer required to find the right angle to see clearly.

Varilux Liberty 3.0


Discover Varilux quality and advanced technology 

Varilux® Liberty 3.0 brings you sharp vision at all distances, near and far with smooth adjustments in-between. And no one can notice you’re wearing progressive lenses.


Path Optimizer™ lens technology

Optimized for each wearer, the Path Optimizer™ lens technology will generate a precise and optimal viewing path, from far to near and everything in between, so that each and every part of the viewing path matches the wearer’s eyesight.

You will be able to enjoy uniform sharpness and smooth transitions between the different distances.

Like all Varilux® lenses, Varilux® Liberty 3.0 lenses are invisible from the outside (as compared to a bifocal lens) and are perfectly thin, light and transparent, fitting any types of frames so that you can stay youthful looking and keep up with the things you do with confidence

Varilux Comfort 3.0


Increasing demands on your eyesight

From your smartphone to the train timetable, our eyes are continually refocusing between close-up, medium and long-distance vision. And it places increasing demand on your eyesight.

Varilux Comfort 3.0 supports dynamic vision and rapid changes of activity while maintaining a completely natural head position.


Modern & progressive

Our patented LiveOptics process puts you first, combining the latest research with wearer testing. It’s a process unique to Varilux, designed to discover how people really see, so that we can help give you the most natural vision possible.

Varilux Physio 3.0


See in high definition

Colours can fade and nearby objects can blur as our vision deteriorates with time.

Varilux Physio 3.0 multi-distance lenses give you sharper details, brighter colours, better contrast and greater comfort – whatever the distance and whatever the light conditions.


Sharp vision with W.A.V.E. Technology: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement™

Patented technology identifies and eliminates distortion that other manufacturers miss. Each lens is customized based on your prescription plus distance and lighting conditions to help you see details like never before.

They work with any prescription and can fit any frame.

Zeiss Lenses

ZEISS progressive lenses.

Finally enjoy good vision again – no matter the distance.
Seamlessly from the smallest detail to the big picture: tailored to your visual habits, ZEISS progressive lenses provide clear vision at any distance.

Individual and one-of-a kind – just like you.

Our wide selection of progressive lens designs enables your eye care professional to produce a pair of progressive glasses optimised for your particular vision needs and featuring unprecedented quality. These lenses are tailor-made for your facial shape, your lifestyle, your career and your visual habits. Individual and one-of-a kind – just like you.

Seeing digital. ZEISS progressive lenses for a modern world.
These days we’re constantly using our smartphones or tablets, but these digital devices pose a new challenge for our eyes.

ZEISS progressive lenses incorporate these changes in our everyday lives and enable fast, comfortable focusing thanks a specially optimised near zone – no matter where you’re looking. These lenses are not only perfect for digital devices, but also books and magazines, helping you avoid uncomfortable head and body posture.